Our photo montages include images of the person being honoured throughout their life: 

Here is what you need to provide us:

  1. Childhood photos.
  2. With friends
  3. With their spouse and milestone anniversary images
  4. Holiday photos.
  5. Family photos and videos throughout life stages.
  6.  Photos and videos of Parents and siblings
  7. Hobbies and favourite activities
  8. Graduation pictures or degrees.
  9. Career photos.
  10.  Any news stories
  11. Wedding photos.
  12. Personal mementos.
  13. Video tributes from family.

How many pictures should a funeral slideshow have?

When collecting photos for a funeral slideshow you can plan to have each photo show for around 3 to 5 seconds. It is recommended that the slideshow be around 3-5 minutes with a maximum of 10 minutes. So around 50 to 150 photos is the recommended amount of photos to have in the slideshow. When going through old photos, try to collect photos of your loved one that show them as a baby, child, young person. If you can provide videos on a USB stick this would create a more dynamic storytelling slideshow and is recommended.

About the memorial slideshow

Slideshows can be used to not only show the typical personal photos, but with the addition of surprising, special and personal details to tell the loved ones story. It can be used to further illustrate a life, personality, hobbies. These details can really let you share with viewers everything you think makes your loved one special. Collating the photos and video for a funeral slideshow involves reviewing a lifetime’s worth of photos and memorabilia. It can be a way to work through grief and is a nice activity to share with family members. 


If you have a computer you can look into using imovie ( Mac ), Photos ( Mac ) or (PC ) (PC).

Yet there are substantial advantages to sending us the images and video on a USB or drobpox.

1 ) We are fulltime professional editors of Final Cut and Adobe Premiere which will create a more engaging, quality production and storytelling in less time.

2 ) We understand that you are under time pressure and have meny things to decide and organise leading up to the funeral.

3 ) We have the ability to seemlessly integrage photos and video and have access to a vast library of specialised funeral music, transitions and effects.

Fee free to contact us to produce your memorial slideshow video.

Where do I find the photos and videos for the memorial slideshow ?

It is best to look on your loved ones social media accounts such as facebook. Ask friends and family for any photos they may have. Also on your computer and phone look through the photo libraries of all the photos you have accrued over time.

How can the memorial slideshow be shown?

We have a professional high lumen projector package designed to be used in ambient lighting conditions. It includes hiring of the projector, screen, audio system and technician for the showing of the memorial slideshow. Please contact us for further details.