How to Write an Invitation to a Funeral

Funeral invitation writing may be an emotional and trying experience. Always use tact and sensitivity while communicating, but don’t sugarcoat the facts. 

1 – A straightforward introduction is the first step. The deceased’s name, together with the funeral’s date, time, and venue, should be included here. 

2 – Send condolences and show your support. Appropriate responses to a death include condolences and expressions of compassion for the family. 

3 – Specifics concerning the service should be provided. In addition to any specific requests or directions, this should also mention the sort of service to be performed (such as religious or secular). If the ceremony is going to take place at a religious establishment, for instance, you may want to remind visitors to wear respectable clothing and to show there on time. 

4 – Add details regarding what will happen after the funeral. Following the funeral ceremony, there may be a wake, reception, or other gathering. The location(s) to which condolences and/or memorial contributions may be conveyed is also acceptable. 

5 – Finish with something heartfelt and dignified. You may express your condolences by writing a short note or sending a poem or quotation that has special value to the family. 

6 – Collect everyone’s information and get a “Yes” for attendance. 

7 – The invitation should have a polite and proper tone. 

8 – The invitation should be checked for typos and other mistakes. 

9 – The invitation should be sent out as soon as possible. Funeral invitations should be sent out one to two weeks prior to the event. 

10 – Last but not least, be mindful to always be courteous and compassionate while composing a funeral invitation. Words should convey the gravity of the situation and the depth of your feelings at this time of loss. 

An Example of an Invite 

Respectfully, [Name], 

We are writing to share the news of [Deceased Person’s Namedemise ]’s with you. We shall miss [him/her] very much as a beloved part of our family. 

The funeral will take place on [Date] at [Time] at [Place of Service]. After the funeral, [Deceased Name] will be put to rest in [Name of Cemetery]. 

Those who knew and loved [Deceased Name] are invited to a wake/reception at [Location of Wake/Reception] on [Date] between the hours of [Time] and [Time]. 

In place of flowers, please consider making a gift in [Name of Deceasedhonor ]’s to [Name of Charity or Organization]. 

While we know this is a terrible time for you, we ask that you please join us as we honour the life of [Name of Deceased] and pay tribute to the memories we had together. 

RSVP to [Name/Phone Number/Email Address] by [Date of RSVP] to let us know whether you can make it. 

Heartfelt condolences, (Your Name Here) 

The invitation should be tailored to the occasion and the family’s tastes, as every family and every person is different.



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