How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Australia?

The cost of funerals in Australia can vary quite significantly, depending on a number of different factors. Generally speaking, the average price for a funeral in Australia is around $6000-$15,000. However, this price can be much higher than that if you choose to include certain additional services or products with your funeral arrangements.


The Cost of Burial vs Cremation


The main costs involved in the funeral are the cost of the burial or cremation.


The cost of burial is slightly higher than cremation yet these are usually the most expensive component of a funeral with the average cremation costing around $7000 and the burial around $7,500.


What are the Other Costs?


Some of the other main costs associated with Australian funerals include things like the funeral directors costs, cemetery fees, embalming and body preparation services, coffin or casket purchases, hearse, death certificate, headstone, celebrant fees, calling hours or viewing times at the funeral home or other venue, and organist and/or musician fees if you wish to have music played at your service. 


In addition to these costs, many families also opt for additional features such as memorial videos, printed memorial books or cards, flowers and/or other decorations, obituary notices in newspapers or online, and catering services.


While the cost of funerals can seem quite expensive to many people, it’s important to remember that this is often one of the biggest expenses that your family will have to deal with during a difficult time. 


Tips for Saving on Funeral Costs


It’s also important to keep in mind that you do have some options for reducing the cost of your funeral without sacrificing quality – for example, you may be able to purchase some items used rather than having them brand new. Additionally, there are often ways that you can cut down on costs associated with things like entertainment or catering by having friends and family members provide these services themselves instead of hiring professionals.


You can also visit several funeral directors to compare pricing. Choosing a basic coffin in the event of a cremation will also save on costs.


By doing careful planning ahead of time and researching alternative solutions for reducing costs, you can help ensure that your family isn’t left with financial hardship after your passing.

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