How Long do you Wait to Have a Funeral?

Several things influence when a funeral takes place. Most funerals take place within a few days following the death of the person being commemorated, however there are exceptions to this rule. 

Here are a few factors that determine possible delays….

Obtaining a death certificate is mandatory. 

The arrival of the death certificate might be a determining element in the funeral’s schedule. Authorities must provide a death certificate before funeral arrangements may be made. This might take a few days or longer, depending on the location and circumstances of the death. A death certificate may be delayed, for instance, if the cause of death is not immediately apparent and more research is required. 

Funeral homes are readily available. 

Availability of funeral homes and other services can also play a role in determining when a funeral takes place. It is possible that the funeral service will be delayed since the funeral home is already booked weeks in advance. It might take more time if the family wants to have the funeral somewhere other than the place of death. 

When abroad, the body must be repatriated. 

The corpse may need to be repatriated if the deceased was visiting or residing in another country. In some cases, this may cause the funeral to be postponed. 

Families often choose to postpone funerals so that friends and relatives who live far away may attend. 

Faith in a Higher Power 

The dead and their family’s religious beliefs may also play a role in determining the funeral’s schedule. While some faiths require a funeral to be performed as soon as possible after a death, others give mourners more time. 

In conclusion, funerals can be held whenever is most convenient for the deceased’s family, based on factors such as the nature of the death, the proximity of funeral homes, and the availability of other services. A funeral is usually held within a few days following a person’s passing, however in some cases, it may be postponed for weeks or even months.



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