Funeralvid captures funeral videography in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Funerals can be very sad occasions for everyone involved yet we must also remember it’s a time to celebrate the life of a loved one. The day is really not so much about how they died as it is how they lived. Capturing the stories of how they lived as shared by family and friends during the service is the essence of capturing the life of your loved one at the funeral through video.


As Funeral Videographers we travel all over Australia to capture funerals. Typically, we will arrive at the funeral to set up at the back of the venue before most guests arrive. Professional audio recording devices are installed, including back-up recorders, to capture eulogies, speeches, and hymns. You can provide us with a collection of photographs of your loved-one for us to overlay all the wonderful memories over some of the video footage story tell and document a special life.

Our basic funeral video coverage is up to two hours to be able to capture the establishing shots of the venue, guests arriving, details, the service and a few minutes of the guests mingling after the service. We are happy to capture as much or as little of the day as you would like us to so in some cases a full day coverage may be appropriate to create a documentary style film of the event. . Everybody is different please let us know which you would like. Most just have the service filmed.


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Coverage can start at the family home, church or the crematorium.

Filming usually includes the arrival of the funeral cortege, the full memorial service (with original audio) and the laying of flowers by friends and family where appropriate. In addition to this, we can also film at the graveside and the Wake if needed.

Our films are captured compassionately and discreetly to provide you with a documentation of the day. We typically use 2 to 3 cameras to allow us to capture the scene and actions with a wider camera angle and a telephoto angle that allows us to get in closer to the speakers to capture the story and the emotion.  Without using a two camera set up, it would not be possible to capture the events, scene, story and emotion to the same level and there would be risks involved of camera angles being blocked or cameras perhaps not recording due to technical issues.

How to Video a Funeral

A quick guide from Funeralvid professional funeral videographers

This is why we always ensure the best and most reliable footage using our experienced 2 to 3 camera setup. Cameras are generally at the back of the venue set up in a way to leave the smallest footprint possible in terms of being discrete and not garnering needed attention from family and guests.

Funeral Video Songs

We have an extensive library of music that we have compiled to use with our funeral videos that really blend into the background and give a gentle emotional feel to our work

Funeral Videography Prices

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