Funeral Videography

Typically, we will arrive at the funeral to set up at the back of the venue before most guests arrive. Professional audio recording devices are installed, including back-up recorders, to capture eulogies, speeches, and hymns. You can provide us with a collection of photographs of your loved-one for us to overlay all the wonderful memories over some of the video footage story tell and document a special life.

Our films are captured compassionately and discreetly to provide you with a documentation of the day. Depending on your needs, we can capture as much or as little of the day as you would like.

Funeral Video Services

Our funeral video maker, producer and editor can create fully edited funeral videos for you. Our funeral video examples can be viewed by clicking in the menu at the top of our website. You can get some funeral video ideas from the samples. Funeral video production is usually best done by a freelance videographer who specialises in funerals to produce a high quality funeral video HD file that can be shared and streamed with family out of state and overseas. The funeral DVD is less common as a format these days as the technology has moved mostly online.

Funeral Video Songs

We have an extensive library of music that we have compiled to use with our funeral videos that really blend into the background and give a gentle emotional feel to our work. We can also provide you with music for a funeral slideshow, a memorial slideshow or a memorial video if you contact us through our contact form.

Funeral Videography Prices

To download our funeral videography prices please go to the below link. The funeral video cost start from $500 for most funeral video productions.