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Our funeral photographers capture funeral photography in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast as well as throughout Queensland and Australia. 

Funeral Photography EXAMPLES

Below are a few sample photographs taken by our team….

Funeral Photography Etiquette

Funeral photography etiquette requires our funeral photographers to be in-obtrusive and to use silent cameras and long lenses to capture the event without disturbing the funeral service. Capturing the story of the day is all about seeking those moments of compassion and kindness through the lens. Documenting a funeral as a photographer takes a special set of skills and experience as well as the latest professional equipment to maintain quality whilst avoiding the use of flash photography.


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Can you take a picture of a body at a funeral?


It is possible to take a picture of a body at a funeral, but it is considered inappropriate and disrespectful in some cultures. This is usually best discussed with the photographer before the funeral. Such photos should be taken unobtrusively if requested.

Is taking pictures at a funeral disrespectful?


Funeral photography, videography and live streaming have become more and more mainstream over the last few decades. If the family has researched the benefits and understand them then having a photographer or family members take photos at the funeral is not disrespectful.

Why hire a funeral photographer?


A funeral photographer can be hired to document the funeral service, create a lasting memory of the deceased, and provide a record of the attendees.

How many photos do you take at a funeral?


The number of photos is dependent on the number of hours involved in the funeral events as well as the number of guests. The number of photos could typically vary from 50 photos up to 500 for a typical funeral.

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