Funeral PhotograpER Brisbane

Our funeral photographers capture funeral photography in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast as well as throughout Queensland and Australia. Please download our packages below to get a good indication of the investment involved in our services wherever you are in Queensland.

Hiring a professional photographer gives you the knowledge that the memorial will be captured in high-resolution imagery. Our photographers specialise in capturing the any aspects of the memorial you want remembered. Our experience allows us to capture the atmosphere of the day, the floral tributes, and guests paying their respects.

Funeral Photography Prices

To find out more about our funeral photography cost please download the link at the bottom. Also if you would like to know how funeral photography  is priced it is very similar to the pricing for funeral videography which is explained in this article..

Funeral Photography Etiquette

Funeral photography etiquette requires our photographers to be in-obtrusive and to use silent cameras and long lenses to capture the event without disturbing the service. Capturing the story of the day is all about seeking those moments of compassion and kindness through the lens. Documenting a funeral as a photographer takes a special set of skills and experience.


Funeral Photo Slideshow

Funeral photo slideshows are produced by collecting the digital photos of the loved ones life as well as scanning and digitising physical photos if needed. These can be collected by family members and provided to our editors who will use their experience to produce a professional photo slideshow with attention to fine detail in a short amount of time due to our daily experience with professional non linear editing software.

Funeral Photo Display

Your funeral picture display can include cards that spell out different events in his or her life, a vase with his or her favorite flowers or candles. You can also add other personalized items. such as items from a hobbie, a favorite book or clothing item.

Photo boards are a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s life for a funeral. Follow these tips to create simple, beautiful funeral photo boards.

Some funeral homes will provide boards to use for photos. If you are making your own boards, cover foam core with fabric. Select a plain fabric or one with a small pattern, so that the fabric will enhance the photos and not detract from them. The fabric will hold easily with clear packing tape. The photos can then be attached with thumb tacks.

Be sure to verify with the funeral home how many easels they have available. You don’t want to prepare many boards, only to find that they can’t be displayed well. Print titles for the boards so that people know what they are looking at. Individual captions are not necessary, but can add context.

When selecting photos, remember that every photo of your loved one does not need to be on the boards. Instead, choose photos that capture your loved one’s story and spirit – photos of them growing up, with family, friends and co-workers. Also include special vacations and hobbies.

Consider the order you would like the boards to be displayed. Do you want certain boards near other items? Do you want them to go chronologically? By deciding this in advance, you won’t have to worry about it on the day of the funeral


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