4 Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

There are many types of funeral flower arrangements that can be used to honor a loved one who has passed away. Some of the most popular arrangements include:


* Wreaths – A wreath is a circular arrangement of flowers that is commonly used as a symbol of remembrance. They are often placed on the gravesite or inside the funeral home.


* Sprays – A spray is a horizontal arrangement of flowers that is typically placed on top of the casket. They are often used to cover the entire casket or just a portion of it.


* Crosses – A cross is an arrangement of flowers that is in the shape of a cross. They are often used as a symbol of faith and can be placed inside the funeral home or at the gravesite.


* Baskets – A basket is a type of arrangement that can be used for either the inside of the funeral home or the gravesite. They are often filled with flowers and other items such as stuffed animals or photographs.


When choosing funeral flower arrangements, it is important to consider the personality of the deceased as well as the overall theme of the service. The arrangements should be chosen based on what will provide the most comfort for those who are grieving.


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