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We are open by appointment at Albion, Brisbane weekdays from 9-5. 

We typically set up an hour before the funeral at the back of the venue. We wear black or dark dress clothing to blend in with the guests. Our audio equipment and cameras are usually set up at the back of the venue by the time guests arrive.

We generally need at least 24 hours notice to get our team and equipment organised for the funeral.

We typically capture from around 15 minutes before the beginning of the funeral through to the end of the funeral. We can also capture the burial or cremation if requested.


If it is a livestream coverage it will be shown in real time live. If it is a standard funeral video the footage is downloaded, backed up and edited within a few days of the funeral and then sent as a video link.

You are typically sent a video link via txt message and email. If requested we can organise a dropbox download or to be sent on a USB device via the postal service.

Yes we do offer both. If requested our videographer can take a few photographic images throughout the event. We however recommend if photography is important to you then we have a specialised funeral photographer available to work alongside our videographer. This ensures important photos are captured and the range and diversity of photography has more depth.

Typically Funeralvid will choose specially licensed funeral video music for our videos. This is to avoid any copyright issues when trying to share the video with family and friends. If you would like to provide us with music by sending us a dropbox/google drive/icloud link via email or sms message we can also use your suggestions for the video.

Yes, it has become the mainstream to document the paying of respect to the loved one passed with photography and video. Every year more and more funerals embrace the advantages and value of having this document and device to be able to have anyone who wants to participate and pay respect to be enabled to do so.

We are able to travel Australia wide and within the region for your funeral. Contact us for information on travel costs.

We recommend that you speak to the venue before booking our services. It is very common to have videography services at the funeral so the venue is likely to be very accommodating.

Typically you will be given a link to the page on our website where the video is viewable. If we are providing the music to the video you will be able to download the video and use it where you would like including online. If you are providing your own music to us that may have copyright you may not be able to post it online.


We normally use professional 32 bit float audio field recorders as our main recording device. Then we typically have 2 or more backup recordings. We tend to record from the Lectern, the venue speakers and the venue audio mixer.

Our setup typically starts 1 hour prior to the funeral event. We typically start filming from 15 minutes before the event to around the time that guests start to leave the funeral. You can customise the coverage and events included in the video coverage. We can customise a package for example that includes the pre funeral gathering, the funeral, the burial or cremation and any other family events around the day of the funeral that you would like to have captured.


It is best to phone us or fill out the contact form to let us know the time and location of the funeral as soon as possible to check our availability. Once you have made a booking with us it is best to send us as much information and email correspondence regarding the funeral as possible as quickly as possible so that we have the best information to provide your service.

 The page link of your funeral will typically be emailed and txt messaged to you a day or two before the funeral . You can then share that link with all the invited family and guests.

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