Brisbane’s Best Funeral Directors

It is important to research and compare different funeral directors in the area to find one that meets your specific needs and preferences. Some things to consider when researching funeral directors include the types of services they offer, their prices, and customer reviews. Additionally, it can be helpful to speak with friends and family members who have used funeral directors in the area or to ask for recommendations from a healthcare provider or religious leader.

Compassionate Funerals

Compassionate Funerals try to take care of everything their families shouldn’t have to think about. They offer a personal, affordable, and ongoing service to their clients with lots of different products and services to choose from. Compassionate Funerals is known for being reliable at a challenging and emotional time. You can find them on the Northside of Brisbane or contact them over the phone at any time. The team at Compassionate Funerals offers packages starting at just $2,500.
Compassionate Funerals Queensland offers a lot of different funeral care services. This includes things like Burials and Cremations, catering, Christian services, DVD recordings of funerals, DVD memorials, floral arrangements, memorial books, online memorials, in-house consultations, and prepaid funerals. You can also find a gallery of coffins and caskets on Compassion’s website.

Academy Funerals Brisbane

4.4 89 Google reviews

Academy Funerals is one of the best funeral homes in Brisbane from Christchurch, New Zealand. They own funeral homes in New Zealand and Australia. Academy Funerals is a family business and they know what families expect during this difficult time. They provide a caring, understanding, and dignified funeral service to the greater Brisbane community at an affordable cost.
Academy Funerals will help with all the choices their families need to make. They offer services like cremation or burial, chapel or Church service, minister or celebrant, coffin or casket, flowers, urns, and funeral notices. They also provide grief support and consider this an integral part of their offering. Their premises are fully air-conditioned and are available at no charge as a place of peace for the family. In addition, Academy Funerals have a modern custom-made five-seater hearse – designed with the needs of the families they help in mind.

Australian Federation Funeral Directors

Since 2010, Matthew and the Australian Federation Funeral Directors team have been helping families after someone dies. Matthew worked in some of the longest-standing funeral homes in Brisbane before he started his own business. He offers a more personal service that is better suited to the needs of the community. This insight has served him well. He has since been a top choice for families in the Brisbane region, particularly the northern suburbs such as Redcliffe, Chermside, North Lakes, Sandgate, and Nundah. With a focus on the finer details, families can tailor a funeral service to closely align the wishes of their loved one.
Australian Federation Funeral Directors is a company based in Northside Brisbane that helps people in South East Queensland with funerals. They can help with cremation or burial services and they have a hearse that they will use as part of their service. They also have a lot of different urns that people can choose from including hand-painted urns, decorated urns, or simple designs made out a variety of materials. You can see all of the different urns they have on their website.

Ruffles Funeral Services Brisbane

Ruffles Funeral Services is a good place to go for a woman’s understanding. Sharyn owns it and she knows what to do. They help people who need funerals in Brisbane and Toowoomba. They have access to some of the best funeral service locations in Brisbane. They also know how important it is to plan ahead for funerals, so they offer full funeral service planning, including prepaid funerals and pre-arranged funeral services.
Ruffles Funeral Services are available to help you 7 days a week. They have many locations in South East Queensland region. Their website has information about local funeral venues, what services they offer, and guides for what to do when someone dies.

White Lady Funerals

White Lady Funerals is a company that helps people who have lost someone they love. They have been around since 1987 and are very good at what they do. The staff is trained by Invocare, which is one of the largest funeral providers in the industry. White Lady’s philosophy is to add a woman’s understanding to help families reflect and celebrate the life of their loved ones. In providing funeral care for such an extended period, their packages are competitive and tailored to the families they help. They also offer packages to suit men and women and different religions and cultures.
White Lady Funerals offer services for cremation and burial. They are also a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA). It is important to know that they not only help women, but also men. Their uniforms are very different and easy to spot. They also often contribute to the community by sponsoring sporting events and charitable causes.

George Hartnett Funerals Brisbane

George Hartnett Funerals is a company in South East Queensland that has been helping families since 1947. George Hartnett is a member of Invocare and the company has locations in Holland Park, Albany Creek, Cleveland, Kelvin Grove, Redcliffe, Wynnum, and Sandgate. The company merged with Cannon & Cripps Funerals to become what it is today. The staff at George Hartnett Funerals understands that grief is a significant part of the stress caused by losing a family member. They offer guidance, advice, and knowledge on their website to help people cope with grief and overcome feelings of continual sadness.
George Hartnett Funerals have locations to help with funeral services. But if there is a place that would be better for your family, you can talk to the George Hartnett Funeral Director about it.

Metropolitan Funerals

Our funeral home in Brisbane has been around for over 70 years. We are the most prominent funeral home in Queensland with locations throughout South East Queensland. Quality, respect, and personal attention are our mantra. We know our services are different because our people are unique, and our approach is tried and tested. With 7 decades of experience, we have developed this sort of ability. We are efficient and sensitive to the community’s needs while striving to ensure your loved one receives the memorial service and celebration of life they deserve. The managers of Metropolitan Funerals are friendly and approachable.
The Metropolitan Funerals website is full of information to help families that have lost someone. They are also active on social media and easy to reach by phone or email.

Simplicity Funerals

Simplicity Funerals is a large provider in the Brisbane area. They are known for their clean branding, television and radio advertising, and their extraordinary service to families. In recent times, they have been trying to take a modern approach to their services. Extensive budget advertising about competitive pricing and the ‘simple’ nature of the service they provide is placing Simplicity Funerals as one of Queensland’s largest providers of funeral services.
Simplicity Funerals provides prepaid funerals, funeral plans, burials, cremations, and memorial services to families in Queensland. Their network partner HeavenAddress allows families to create a sacred online space to remember and pay tribute to their loved ones. You can also meet with one of their mobile arrangers in your own home to discuss any funeral needs you or your family may have. You can find more information about the arrangement process on their website.

Brisbane Funeral Directors

This funeral home is on the Top 10 Funeral Directors in Brisbane list because they offer non-traditional memorials. Ashton started Brisbane Funeral Directors (BFD) in 2011 because he noticed that people were wanting to celebrate life in more unique ways. He helps families by creating a special event that celebrates the life of their loved one in a way that is important to them. Ashton has lots of experience and lessons learned from working for other funeral homes, which makes him one of the top funeral directors in Brisbane.
BFD is different from other places because they use butterflies, doves, and other symbols that have meaning. You can find out more about what they do on their website.

Holy Cross Funerals

Holy Cross is a church in Brisbane that helps families with their funeral needs. The church has been around for many years and is very well known in the community. The funeral parlor is managed by Philip, who will help you plan, arrange, and carry out a memorial service at the Church. Holy Cross is a member of the IFDAA and is recognized as one of Brisbane’s premier funeral parlors on the north side.
Holy Cross Funerals can provide cremation and burial services to anyone. Families do not need to be a part of the Catholic Church to use the services of Holy Cross. They have plenty of parking, and the chapel is free for families wanting time to reflect with their loved ones.


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