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At first glance, some may find it strange when they hear the term funeral videography, or that a videographer/photographer attends funerals So first things first, we’ll answer that question: why do we actually capture funeral videos?

Often, family members and loved ones are not able to be present at the funeral, and so because of reasons such as distance, time and cost, it makes a lot of sense for them to actually experience the funeral through a video recording live, or one that has been uploaded to a password protected website or video platform.

The option will then also exist for loved ones to download the funeral memorial so that everyone can experience and witness the tribute of the funeral proceedings. Our Brisbane videographers have specialised in Funerals for over 10 years.


In terms of funeral videography, it is important that a funeral videographer needs to have a vast amount of experience with funerals over a length of time. The reasons for this is that it is vital that they understand what sort of challenges may occur, what the etiquette and best practices are at funerals, how to communicate with family members and how to be discreet.

Staying behind the scenes is crucial as the videographer should know how to not draw attention to him or herself and simply blend in and capture the event, often from the back of the room.


In terms of funeral videography techniques we essentially use two cameras for most funerals; one with a slightly wider angle video camera, and one with a longer angle video camera. You want there to be at least two video cameras and the reasons are as follows.


The close up angle is extremely important as it captures emotion. By zooming in, close ups capture all of the emotion portrayed on a persons face whether it be the outward expression of grief or the tears in their eyes. It captures all sorts of emotions rising to the surface. And, why is this important? Because, as a family member unable to attend the service, you want to be immersed into the recording and into the story. You want to connect with it.

You want it to have an impact on you so that you can experience the feelings that are being experienced by those at the event. Also, because experiencing these feelings is an important part of the healing process and of feeling connected, authentically, with the funeral event.


The close up angle can come in and capture the emotion. Emotion can be captured by getting in close to the face and also getting in close to the eyes. Why is this important? It is because you want to be immersed into the recording, into the story, you want to connect with it, you want it to have impact on you so that you can experience the feelings that are being experienced at the event because experiencing these feelings are an important part of the healing process and of feeling connected authentically with the funeral event.

The wider angle camera is important because at any given moment something may happen at the funeral where the speaker is no longer the center of attention. The center of attention then becomes what is happening at the funeral which could be a multiple of things.

Guests coming to do something ceremonious, it could be some music being played or an important part of the proceedings could be happening. So in terms of capturing the funeral videography with two cameras we will usually have those two cameras right beside each other right at the back in a position where we are out of the way and don’t really look in any way out of the ordinary.

Just blend in, set up the cameras, sit down, making sure we’re capturing everything.


A lot of the cameras these days that are being used in event videography have time limits meaning that they don’t record forever. They usually record for twenty nine minutes and therefore at longer funerals it’s really important to actually make sure that we have continuous footage of the funeral and are not missing any important bits.

Due to the possibility of the record limit being exceeded or a battery going dead or that there is a malfunction in the camera,

In the event of a malfunction in the camera it would be a great idea and there’s common practice for the videographer to have a third camera yet two cameras are also acceptable because one camera would never be acceptable to record a funeral since there could be a technical issue or the camera could essentially be rendered inoperable for some sort of malfunction reason.


In terms of capturing funerals, they are usually organized short notice so the family and organizers are under time pressure. they don’t want to really spend a lot of time finding a funeral videographer and as soon as a funeral videographer communicates back well with the family and shows a great portfolio of work then the family will engage that funeral videographer.


Funeral videography prices differ from one company to the next. Our company offers funeral videography services are around about $500 and that is quite a common cost for our funeral videography services depending on how long the event lasts and what sort of post-production requirements the family have.


We offer essentially to provide the footage from the camera to the family which does require editing, in which case a full edit is preferable in some cases so that the event can be watched in its entirety, smoothly edited to take out any pauses, bumps and non-relevant footage or audio that has been captured. Also what is very common is that the cameras need to be moved around during the event.

The reason for this is that as things are proceeding staying with one angle is almost impossible because to capture the proceedings well it’s important to capture them from the right angle. What this may mean is that the cameras when they are shifted from one angle to the other, that the cameras may be switched off while they are being moved, or that the camera have non-relevant footage of perhaps the ceiling or the floor as they are being picked up and moved from one position to the next.


Funeral video music is usually soft background music that does not distract from what is being said but amplifies and elevates the style and impact of the words and speeches being given. In terms of the funeral video music choices we essentially have a big database library that took a long time for our company to compile which we feel is the best music available for funeral videos. Having the music in the background at a very low level we found is the best option because a lot of funeral videos are up to several hours in length and the music certainly does add to the effectiveness of the video when watching over a length of time.


When talking about funeral videos there are several styles. One style is a very video based style of funeral video. The next style is a little bit more advanced using cinematic techniques during and throughout the video. Cinematic techniques may involve slight movements in the actual video picture. For example slow zooming or slow movement of the camera which really does look better than a totally still video in most cases.

Also being able to have a moving camera with the use of a Steadicam, glidecam or a gimbal also helps to tell the story and helps to capture the event. Because if things are happening quickly or things are moving at the event by far one of the best ways to capture at the event is to be able to use a moving camera and so these cinematic tools are essential to do this.


Now let’s go into a typical workflow for our company in capturing a funeral. We will get called by a family member asking us for availability and pricing. We will then direct them to our pricing link to be able to view or download our pricing. If we are available in most cases we get booked to record and video the funeral. We will get ready the day before or in some cases several days before the funeral in terms of equipment.

Getting the equipment ready will usually take around three to four hours as we need to load batteries, pack cameras, check cards, format cards, to clean lenses, check cameras, check all equipment including audio equipment to make sure everything is ready, tripods and steadicams and gimbals may also be prepared. We will then find out the exact time the funeral starts and our policy is to arrive one hour early if possible.

This is to avoid any disruptions or delays in arrival in the case of potentially accident traffic or other complications. We will often arrive well ahead of time and perhaps have a short break close by to the funeral such as a coffee or a light snack at a cafe or lunch bar.


We will then set up the audio devices at the funeral location. The audio devices used are often a number of field recorders. The reason why we need several field recorders or audio devices is simply because some recorders may be at the right place where the speaking is taking place-there may be multiple podiums and positions of speakers. Usually we will have two devices for each location for redundancy and backup purposes. In terms of being finished setting up the cameras and audio equipment for the funeral we will then check outside to see what is happening and to see if there is anything being part of the proceedings happening outside (such as the arrival of the loved one lost)

Throughout the funeral we will remain sitting, only standing up to change focus or composition, battery or lens on our camera. In terms of funeral post-production what we do is we use a program that synchronizes the audio recorders with the video angles. Perhaps, that might involve two or three audios typically as well as the two video angles. This post-production workflow does take up considerable time. In our experience the amount of time for us to edit a funeral will usually take around 8 to 15 hours. This process includes the synchronization of the audio and video, choosing funeral video music to put in the background. it also includes checking the colour and exposure of the video. checking colour simply means we want to make sure that the colour is perhaps not too blue or too orange as the lighting or temperature changes throughout different locations and times of the day, and you don’t want to be looking at people’s faces that are possibly too blue or too orange because it does not look natural. it is often unavoidable in some cases


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Consecutively to these colour Corrections we will also look at the audio and make sure that the audio in the final video are at optimal levels. This is very important because you don’t want to watch a funeral video possibly on a laptop or a television and realize that the sound is too quiet so you can never get enough volume or that the volume, perhaps, was too loud in the capture or in the production of the video. This then means that when playing on a laptop or a television the funeral audio may be distorted because the levels were too high at some point.


The thing we most enjoy about capturing a funeral on video is the appreciation and love we receive from the funeral. We understand how difficult this time is for our clients and also notice how appreciative they are when they talk to us during and after the funeral. Something else that also we like about capturing funerals is that we have the time and the focus to be able to really pay attention to the minor details such as the quality of the picture and audio. it helps us actually be better videographers and cinematographers depending on which style we choose to capture. If you would like to know a little bit more on how to video a funeral please visit our article in the blog.


Capturing photography at the funeral is also something that we get asked to do. these photos are very important to show all those who paid respects to the loved one lost and to see family and loved ones together at watches at very important occasion in the lives of the family.


 Something that we can offer is to have photos captured in several ways. The first way is that we are asked to capture some photos throughout the event which we do at the same time as recording the videos. This will be a minor additional expense however it is very valuable and presents a very affordable option. The second option is that our company brings a dedicated photographer from our team to capture photos only throughout the event which will be a slightly higher investment yet we’ll create powerful meaningful storytelling, candid photojournalistic images of the funeral.

The last option in capturing photos of the funeral is for us to set our cameras to a high resolution. This resolution is called 4K. From this video resolution we can create photos that are of an acceptable quality. The quality does not match that of actual still photos captured in the camera yet in many cases it is okay to use this technique.

If you would like to contact our studio for funeral videography requirements we would love to hear from you and we’ll dedicate ourselves to creating a professional experience and understanding nature and the highest quality meaningful engaging and emotional capture of your event.


Funerals honour the life of the people most important to us, and we believe that this celebration is one worth documenting. Our beautiful photos and videos emphasise the legacy of a life well-lived and the day you said goodbye. By capturing the day on video, you can share memories with those unable to attend and continue to commemorate the life of your loved-one.

With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, our team are highly-professional and are subtle with their work. Suitably attired, our videographers will unobtrusively record the service. We are always considerate of our clients’ privacy: where practical, we use two cameras fixed to tripods, ultra-long zoom lenses, and podium mic’s, so we can film at a respectful distance. We are understanding of all cultures and religions, and do our outmost to capture the essence of every ceremony.

A funeral is a difficult time. Our services offer peace of mind through experience, discretion, and empathy. Funeralvid operates throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts, and surrounding areas.


A funeral live-streaming video allows those who cannot attend to be part of the day’s proceedings. Our videos can be broadcast live to family members overseas over the internet, with video broadcast on a private link of the funeralvid website that can shared to all invited family members and friends.

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